Top 3 Reasons Why Internet Marketers Fail Miserably

If you’ve launched a business and you’re counting on a website to drive customers and sales, then you have to have a plan to get that site in front of targeted potential customers. Welcome to the world of internet marketing and website promotion. This can be the trickiest part of any successful online business and you really owe it to yourself to fully understand the different methods available to get your website known.

If you have decided to move forward, you need to prepare a good marketing plan. You see, a work at home business is not just a plug and play thing. Like any other business, you have to consider how you can make it work effectively. And a good marketing plan is the answer to that. Now, what is a good marketing plan?

2 Learn about it. If you know next to nothing about it, as with any subject, you have to learn about it. Set aside a fixed time to do this. Some people end up spending years on this. Try to avoid that. Get ebooks, courses, and articles. Read blogs, forums and social sites. Follow certain marketers you admire. If you can afford it, go to seminars and even better hire a mentor you trust.

How about your local bookstore! The top selling books could make for very good niches businesses to start. You can even sell books online. Amazon now reports that more digital ebooks are sold to them then hard copy books are.

A marketing plan is simply how you connect your product to your audience. If you connect well to them, then that would be a good marketing plan, because you were able to convert your audience into customers. That is the greatest goal!

A blog you wrote in 2009 could still be delivering traffic to your website in 2011. Every time your traffic converts, you will receive passive income. The more LetSetCom Upsell articles you create to generate traffic, the more passive income you will earn. If you continue investing time and effort, your income stream will keep growing. Each article will add a new income channel to your business. Years down the road, you could be sitting easy on the beach.

This is one of the biggest scams out there on the internet. Do not buy into this crap; I cannot stress it enough. This is useless traffic because it does not really exist. These are software robots (bots) that will click on your link. You will not receive one subscriber or sale from this traffic as it is not real human traffic.

What’s great is that if I have any questions, I can contact Mike for help. He usually replies within a couple of days. I’ve also gotten great advice from the members’ blog. It’s answered a lot of my newbie questions and put some concerns to rest. There’s great support for Profit Lance members.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Internet Marketers Fail Miserably

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