Starting Children On Music

Sit up straight facing the center of the piano. Place your feet flat on the floor. If your feet do not reach the floor, it is helpful to have a footstool or books under them when you practice but not absolutely necessary.

Subsequently, you should obtain some musical lessons before you begin to play. Training manually in playing the piano is got to be as good as unattainable if you have not had some proficient training in connection with other instrument. This will allow you to be familiar with how to understand and actually read music prior to teaching yourself to engage in playing any instrument.

Real live piano teachers don?t come cheap. It depends where you live of course but you?ll probably find that most for beginners come in at between $35 and $75 per hour. If you?re learning piano from scratch then the likelihood is that you?ll need at least one piano lesson per week for a year. It soon adds up, I can tell you. You might end up spending two or three thousand dollars on employing a piano teacher before you know it. It?s as well to be aware of this commitment before you start because it?s not always easy to get rid of teachers once they start teaching you. They?ll tell you that you need a few more lessons, then a few more, then a few more. You don’t think you should stop because they’re the professional and you’re the beginner.

If you’re a little hesitant about sponging off your kids, think about this. Statistics show that raising a child from birth to age 18 costs approximately $300,000! And that’s just for funny haircuts and Air Jordans. I think a little payback is in order here, don’t you?

Parents should encourage their child if they desire to play an instrument. Studies have even showed that students who were in band, were better in math, LOL! That was never my case though, I still suck at math, and probably always will. Playing an instrument opens many new doors of opportunity for your student, like getting out of class to march in parades once in awhile, or playing at pep rallies, football games, and other activities.

It is my belief that if your gonna start playing the trumpet, you ought to stick with it and become the best player that you can be. Some students go on to play in college where they are taught advanced skills, and further develop their abilities. Me, not really, I got a job and started working for a living, while all of my friends went away to college, got married, etc. They got degrees! or got kicked out of college, one or the other. I got a weekly paycheck, and some skills that I used later in life to make a living with.

I mounted a few challenges to try and take over the second, and first chairs, but the other students knew my playing style, and could pick it out over the other student, so I normally lost the challenge. School is often a popularity contest, and band was no different. I still think that it had something to do with the girl in first chair having rather large breasts, and being popular with the other students, wonder why? DUH!

Although we may be able to experiment and try to figure things out by trial and error, it is not recommended. There are musical notes, theory, chords, and many other things to learn. Consider taking a look at some schools and teachers in the area. For those that prefer doing things on their own time, the closest and lowest cost option would be a learn piano online course. This can be a good choice for many due to the flexibility in time schedule, and convenience of learning it at your own pace.

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