Growing While Shrinking: Latino Immigration To Pittsburgh

My timing is perfect; it comes out in November. I have dropped hints with my wife, my kids, my friends and even some non-conservative business associates. I wonder if will offer an advanced sale, or if Barnes and Noble has decided to put it on their Nook? I have never been so excited about anything in about…30 seconds.

Why, you may be asking, can I not throw myself whole heartedly behind this candidate? After all, we seem to agree on every single issue which I believe is important.

The remaining players available to coach Frankie Yallop are a collection of journeymen and a few new comers who have yet to show their worth. The Earthquakes are very much in rebuilding mode. The lone star on the team is ex-Rapid’s player Joe Cannon who can win a game for his team. Will Super Joe be a Rapids killer tonight?

Ellis Island was the gateway for millions of immigrants to the United States considered the nation’s busiest London immigration solicitors station from 1892 to 1954. Lets enjoy natural sight and historical events coming here.

We, the People, pay for these freebies with our hard-earned tax dollars, given to a federal government that appears to be more interested in securing the Latino vote than our southern border. Is this what we want to spend our money on, free services for people who have so little respect for America that their first act “in country” is to break our laws?

Now do you think $38 billion in budget cuts is enough? We all do better with our own budget by getting rid of things that aren’t necessary, even if we want them. A specialty coffee every day probably equals the US funding PBS. In a household budget, you cut what is unnecessary and then go deeper. Send that message to Washington D.C.

Oh, and should he eventually feel called by God to move on, beyond Congress, and seek the highest office of the land, I would absolutely back him in his quest.

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Growing While Shrinking: Latino Immigration To Pittsburgh

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