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How many home base business owners or online marketers remember to pay themselves first? How many experts forget that everything has a cost especially time? Time is the one thing you never get more of. Once you take a second from the time bank it can never be replaced. The key is that you can’t stop or slow the time bank withdrawal system. Time marches on whether we account for it or not. It even stops the energizer bunny.

I DO have a writing cave. For many years, I shared a very nice in-home office with my husband but when my son left for college, I pretty much confiscated his space. He has a gorgeous room, complete with desk and computer, so I took it over and never looked back. It’s a cozy room with a cherry sleigh bed that features a big silk palm tree behind it, a beautiful armoire holds television/music and shelving for my books. My writing desk is oak and tends to be the messiest part of the room. Along with my ever-present legal pad, pens, and stuff, I have my peppermints, hand cream, and assorted junk. A MESS. One of my favorite things in the room is a print of little boys playing baseball. We bought this for my son when he was young and it hangs over my desk. It reminds me of him so, naturally, I love it.

You can communicate Vision. Why not post something about the lostness of your community and challenge members to witness during the week. You can do that with Facebook, twitter video downloader, and YouTube. If your church is having a stewardship challenge remind them of the church’s goal. Whatever “goal” your church has at the moment Social Media is a great way to communicate it.

Stop comparing. When you’re online dating, it’s easy to find yourself comparing dates and looking forward to the next person you’ll meet rather than fully engaging with the person right in front of you. If there’s interest, make sure your date knows. Set up another date sooner rather than later. Don’t always be in “browsing” mode.

Squidoo has been created for you, to support your efforts. Your very easy to set up page called a “len” (you can create as many lens as you wish) does not need to be a million-word and a hundred-subpages site. Include the keywords in a title (remember the research first, right?) and simply share the knowledge with easy to follow points, paragraphs with nice subtitles. Link back to your web page.

“Brits are obsessed by the weather, so it’s not surprising sunshine was rated as the top thing we couldn’t live without. But to say you can’t live without material things over drinking water is crazy.”- Sarah Richardson, Science Museum Exhibition Manager.

How many times will you throw $14,400 a year to a marketing plan that does not grow your business fast enough to pay yourself first every month? Could there be cost effective business tools that grow your business faster? So cost effective that these tools actually make you money, grow your business faster and free up your time spent on social networking sites so that you can do what grows your business.

As you read the tweets you receive in your Twitter stream, think about which ones you appreciate the most and which ones annoy you the most. Then try to emulate the former and eliminate the latter in your own tweets.

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