16Mm To Digital Video – Transferred, Converted And Restored With Modern-Day Dvds

From the 1930s to the 1980s, families were using film (16mm, 8mm, and Super 8) to capture their memories. These reels are kept in basements, closets, attics, trunks, and safety deposit boxes, so they come to us in a variety of conditions.

Not all Convert 8mm Film to Digital transfer lab provide a backup digital tape for you. Check that you are working with a reputable transfer lab that understands the benefits of a digital backup tape as extra insurance for your investment.

The 8mm film format is a motion picture film, wherein, the film strip is 8 millimeters wide. The 8mm comes in two versions: the original standard and super 8. The original standard is known as 8mm and has smaller image area than super 8.

The movie projector works on a simple principle. A bright, white light shines through the film and creates a picture on the screen in the front of the theatre. As the audience, we sit contentedly watching as the actors work their magic, forgetting that they are nothing more than light and shadow. We laugh and we cry as if the fantasy were real.

But, there’s a problem. You get into the room that’s got the old films – you get one out, find the projector and set the whole thing up… only to find that it does not work! One of two things has happened – either the film has been damaged or the film projector no longer works!

These rules barely scratch the surface. Start by following them and when your footage looks more respectable, you’ll be ready to study the hundreds of other things you see the pros do in great movies and on TV that makes their footage dazzle.

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16Mm To Digital Video – Transferred, Converted And Restored With Modern-Day Dvds

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